On the first Sunday of every month we take the focus for missions. So for each month we select a group to support. We focus on 12 different groups/ministries each month and we support others throughout the year! We understand that the first call of all believers is to go and do. Although not every member of the church is physically able to go out, we all play a part via prayer, finances, or short term trips to assist other missionaries. Each month we will focus on one missionary or group whom we support, we will take a love offering for them and, when available, we will show photos of what your support is accomplishing in the mission field.  We keep a container in the back of the sanctuary every service, where we ask you to bring your loose change through out the month or to provide a place to give your donation throughout the month. At the end of each month we will mail them a check. When available we will also show you a report or photos of what your support is doing in the mission field.

     Below are just a few of the missionaries we support at this church! We believe in preaching the Word to all people of all nations! This church is called to Indiana, PA; nevertheless, we believe in supporting those who are called to go and are planted in the mission field around the world. Your financial support helps make it possible for us to continue to support these missionaries with your giving.  Each month we focus on one of the missionary's we support and send a check for all the donations to their ministry at the end of the month.

You can learn more about our ministry of the month on our


Living Water Ministries International is our focus for the month of January. Through this ministry, Jayan and Suja Daniel, reach areas of India in ways that will change their country permanently; providing services to the poor/needy, opening and supporting orphanages, public schools, establishing medical centers and planting churches where none have ever been built. Living Water Ministries International works to establish Bible Colleges and training centers for the nationals too. They are a work established for the long term of the work of Christ in their particular region!

LWMI also has a program called the Fatherís House! It is a home for orphans in their area of ministry. Each child under our care has his/her own story to share. However, one commonality in their lives is that they all lost their own families and gained a new family - new brothers and sisters and a loving and caring mother or couple. Now they receive the needed physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual care to become the future leaders of this great nation of India.

 Fatherís House is currently on it's first project - creating a childrenís village in the city of Coimbatore, India. Homes are constructed to provide shelter for the most desperate children. They are strongly committed to place the children into a family environment rather than in a large institutional orphanage. By creating a gated community where the children will live as families they can provide safety. The community will consist of 10-15 homes. Each home will have 8-10 children with a housemother and/or a couple to care for them.

            An English Medium School is available for the children living in the Fatherís House as well as those living in the community outside. There is a need for a better Medical Clinic and a Community Center in this program. This vision is part of the future projects tied with this program.

Learn More at: www.FathersHouseAsia.org


            Freedom Ministries  represents a missionary work to the indigenous people of Latin America. Freedom Ministries was founded in 1981 by David Hogan. Starting off with nothing but a word from God and a vision of the area he began preaching from village to village. This work seeks to establish churches, train leaders and enable national pastors to spread the Gospel. God has backed this ministry with signs following. There has been miraculous healings of every nature. There are testimonies of every body part having been healed or created after fasting, prayer and the laying on of hands. There have been over four hundred people that have been raised from the dead by the power of God. Of  these, on twenty-eight different occasions  to date, David Hogan was present.

Learn More at: www.freedom-ministries.us


      Operation Latin America wais a ministry founded by Rev. John Robles. God had called Rev. John Robles to  the state of Chiapas; which is  a very turbulent region of southern Mexico. Rev. John Robles served as a spiritual overseer to 150 native pastors . Under Johnís leadership, Operation Latin America has built over 90 churches throughout Chiapas for local congregations who could not afford to build a church building. 

     Today, the ministry is ran by John's brother, Dr. Abel Robles in New Castle, PA! We continue to support the ministry because John and Abel have been dear friends and instrumental in the history of Cornerstone Worship Center! Dr. Abel Robles plans to see John's vision fulfilled for over 100 church edifices to be built in Chiapas!

Learn More at: www.operationlatinamerica.org


      For 23 years, George and Kittie Nelson have followed the call of God to Northern Europe, specifically Sweden. Having pastored five churches in the states, God led them to continue this pioneer spirit in Sweden. The ensuing years of ministry on foreign soil founded Scandinavian Ministries which has been evidence of Godís great grace and faithfulness! Of the almost ten million population, nearly 25 percent of that number are immigrants. All that is to say that the ministry also is multi-cultural! Because of the favor of God, George was the first non-citizen to receive the right to perform marriages in Sweden and the Nelsonís favor is growing in the country daily because of the powerful work of the Lord there!  

Learn More by e-mailing: nelsonscandinavia@telia.com


            Andrew and his family moved to Asia in 2007 and started Asia Commission. Their main focus is training leaders and equipping nationals. They have 13 schools in 3 different Asian countries with 388 students. In order to graduate the students must be actively involved in one or more of Asia Commission's compassion outreaches.

             Asia Commission teams rescue girls from sex trafficking and operate a rehabilitation and life-skills training home for the girls. They provide education and food for orphaned children and teens. They have ongoing outreaches to lepers living in isolated leper colonies.

             They continually reach remote villages through clean drinking water projects, agricultural projects, and micro animal loans. In addition, they also have an effective abortion alternatives program. Feeding children in forgotten parts of Asia has been a large part of their ministry and as they have increase, they increase the people they minister to with food, loving compassion and care for the sake of Christ!

Support their mission by visiting: www.teshuahtea.com/


          Jameson P. Titus serves as President of CHRIST FOR INDIA in  the United States and represents CHRIST FOR INDIA throughout the world. Some of their programs include childrenís homes (which accommodate more than 400 resident children), hospitals, a Relief/Welfare Society (which helps the poor and widows by distributing clothing), food provisions, monetary provisions to those who are unable to work due to physical handicaps, Vocational Colleges to provide unprivileged women training in computers & job placement. COTR Theological Seminary has graduated over 2,000 students completing ministerial training since their inception.  Since 1982 The New Testament Church of India has been a pioneering ministry! There are now more than 215 churches established with more than 22,200 adherents total!

Learn More at: www.ChristForIndia.org


            Joseph originally came to America as a traveling assistant with our late friend, Rev. Carl Shell. Joseph and three other local Peruvian young men would travel to raise awareness for Carlís mission projects in Peru through is ministry. Pastor JP Price and Joseph were the same age, became friend and due to social media stayed in contact over the years. In 2016 Pastor JP formed Mercy Hill and within a few months Joseph contacted Pastor JP stating the Lord spoke to him and asked him to have JP help him move forward with the calling on his life. Mercy Hill ordained and supported Joseph and his family as he started ministering in his local town.

            Over the next two years Joseph would tuck his family in bed, and go out on the streets praying, feeding and ministering to the local homeless and poor. A year later God increased his provision promoting him to also doing outreaches to local children in small poor villages around him preaching Christ and giving gifts in the love of God. A year later, God has lead him to doing local crusades reaching the lost and training Christians on how to go after more people. Through this the Lord has Joseph relocated to Guatemala to oversee a network of churches in that country all while leading other pastors. Through it all he is still doing organic outreaches as it is his passion!

Learn More at: www.facebook.com/Incandescent-Call-Ministries-Peru-158884378036660/


       For the month of November 2014 we are focusing on the ministry of Archbishop Orkwar Yimam in Makurdi, Benue, Nigeria! Archbishop presides over ALL NATIONS EVANGELISM MINISTRIES INC. and has spent his life touching the nation of Nigeria and other nations for well over two decades! Archbishop has proven his life to be one serving the people, bringing the power of God to others in the most effective way possible. Having grown up in Makurdi, he has stayed in his home country to continue to reach the lost and heal the sick. His ministry is one that bears much fruit on his continent!

To learn more about his ministry go to: www.TinyUrl.com/CWCokYim/



       YOU CAN'T CON A CON, convicts know this! They have been on the streets too long to be fooled. They can tell when a man is lying, when he is telling the truth. That's why the unusual ministry "Inside-Out" works so powerfully. Founder, Nick "The Greek" Pirovolos is telling the truth. And the cons can tell. When Nick Pirovolos tells his own story convicts and school studentís alike sit up and take notice.

          It is a dramatic story of bloodshed and sadness, a story of God's supernatural love, a story of glorious triumph. From a scrappy immigrant boy to a fearless underworld criminal, Nick terrorized the town and cities he roamed. As a hit man, thief and drug addict, he was reckless. It was as if life, his own or anyone elseís had no value whatsoever. Then something remarkable happened. It wasn't until Nick was sent to prison that he was truly set free. In February 1972, while in the intensive care unit of the Ohio State Penitentiary, Nick had an encounter with God. An old severe bullet wound brought Nick face to face with death. Nick had little chance for success. However, an inmate led Nick to Jesus Christ and, right then, God healed Nick miraculously! What society, with its millions of dollars could not do for Nick, Christ did instantly and gave him NEW LIFE!

          Nick founded Inside-Out Ministries in 1973. Inside-Out features the outstanding ministry of Nick "the Greek," teaching and speaking to thousands of prisoners, students and Christians every year. In addition, Nick distributes his personal story through his book, Too Mean To Die, in countries all over the world. You may already be familiar with the ministry as Nick appears on TBN, 700 Club, 100 Huntley Street, and many other Christian stations in the United States and other countries.

To learn more about the ministry at his site: www.InsideOutMinistries.net


          Rev. Henry Miller is the pastor of a church in Woodville, Florida, Victory thru Truth Ministry, as well as working in prison and missions ministries. He reaches many inmates on a weekly basis for Christ and many are born again and go on to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In the prison ministry, Pastor Miller works with the Wakulla County jail and has services in Wakulla County Correctional Institute. Pastor Miller makes several trips a year into the mission fields of the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Mexico, and Canada, to lead more souls to Jesus Christ. Pastor Miller also has a music and humor ministry where he has released several CDs and music videos.  

          His testimony is that he was born in 1952 to an abusive, alcoholic father and a mother who made sure he was always in Sunday school and Church. His father forbade his mother to go to Church, but she made sure Henry went with his granny every chance. At the age of 12 he received Jesus Christ as his savior and he was then baptized in a little Baptist Church in Bristol, Florida. At the age of 16, Henry began to drink and smoke as he was starting to be lured into a life of sin. This life of sin carried him down some really hard roads. Before he was twenty his life was consumed with alcohol and parties. He ended up living in the party scene for many years working all week just to give his paycheck to the bars and liquor stores, wasting his entire life on things that all had dead ends. God began to deal with Henryís heart every chance he would listen. It was a Monday night at age 26, that he totally surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. He saved and transformed Henry that night and since then Henry has committed his life to sharing the Good News of salvation and deliverance.  This was the beginning of Henryís ministry to the lost and hungry!

To learn more about his ministry go to:      www.HenryMillerMinistries.com


     We're proud to support Rabbi Michael & Nancy LaPoff! Ministering in music and in the Word the LaPoffís take the message of Jesus to Americanís 5.5 million Jewish citizens. He is president of One Day Ministries and Rock Of Israel Ministries. Also, he is the Associate Congregational Leader at the Congregation Beth Sar Shalom in Tuscon, Arizona, where he currently resides. Rabbi LaPoff, and his wife, brings Jesus to people in a way that is relatable to the Jewish culture in which all our Christian roots sprout from. They also bring that same Messiah to the gentile culture with great effect!


To learn more about the LaPoffís, email them at: michael@shalomtucson.org


     Dr. Alan Taylorís life can be summed up as one of complete obedience unto Christ in every area. Alan's uncompromising way of teaching God's Word in depth and with revelation, yet simple enough that anyone can understand, make his messages enlightening and life changing. His teachings rivet your attention with his deeply rooted Biblical convictions and an ability to communicate the Gospel with power, signs and wonders following.

     Alan Taylor is originally from Alberta, Canada and began his ministry there at the age of 19. He has received his Bachelors of Ministry from the National Church of God and his Doctorate of Ministry from New Life Bible College, he is also ordained under Dave Roberson Ministries. For several years Alan traveled with and served Dr. Norvel Hayes, including managing his ministry, Bible College and sitting on his board of directors. Alan currently resides in Tulsa, OK with his lovely wife Christy and two children, Harrison and Ava. His evangelistic ministry takes him and his family throughout the US and to many other countries.

     Alan has a passion to see people fulfill their call and fall in love with God. His heart of compassion to turn people to God is unquestionably revealed through the commitment of his everyday lifestyle as well as his ministry. His services are filled with a presence of Godís peace that touches the lives of even the hardest heart. He has the capacity to connect with people from all backgrounds and cultures with a combination of the healing power of God and the teaching of the Word. He is a big believer that the healing power of God must be demonstrated not only in the church but outside of its four walls. Godís desire is to equip every believer to walk in His power and to have victory in their personal life.

Learn More at: www.AlanTaylorMinistries.org









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